Outdoor Fireplace Plans

outdoor fireplace plansAn outdoor fireplace just like the name suggests is an exterior fireplace outside a building. They are an ideal location to enjoy your evening with friends, guests and family members as they provide a very charming and enchanting environment away from the usual home or office setting. Combining unique outdoor fireplace plans with beautifully manicured and landscaped outdoor environments can greatly increase the appearance and ultimately the value of a given home or building. Outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular because they can be personalized to meet an individuals taste and personality. They are a great way to improve and enhance the outdoor living space. Choice of outdoor fireplace plans depends on a combination of several factors such as the budget available, size of the fireplace, location of the fireplace among others.

This should be followed when choosing outdoor fireplace plans:

Identify the right spot: This will entirely depend on the individual. Some prefer to have the fireplace by the swimming pool, courtyard, patio or garden. This will determine whether to go for a bigger outdoor fireplace plan or a smaller plan. For instance choosing the patio as the spot will result in a smaller fireplace design while choosing the garden may result in a bigger outdoor fireplace plans.

Check the size of the fireplace: Before choosing a particular outdoor fireplace plan, the size of the fire place is of great importance. This will be influenced by the available budget and space for the construction of the fireplace. A bigger outdoor fireplace plan will ultimately demand a bigger budget and a bigger space for the construction. Bigger outdoor fireplace plans may demand some masonry work which increase on the budget. In cases where the available outdoor space is small, one can go for the portable outdoor fireplace plans such as the bio ethanol portable fireplaces. Currently there are outdoor fireplace kits that can be assembled and used for the same cases. Such kits can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

How to draw an outdoor fireplace plans:

fireplace plansDecide on the shape of the fireplace: Different people prefer different shapes. Among the most commonly used shapes include rectangle, square, oval and circle.

Fuel selection: Outdoor fireplaces use different fuels such as wood, gas and bio ethanol among others. Wood is cheaper and readily available and the fireplace may require construction of a chimney to get rid of the smoke. Gas is quite expensive but clean and the fireplace may require ventilation. Bio ethanol is a renewable energy and provides heat with no smell. Bio ethanol is mostly ideal for indoor fireplaces and rarely on outdoor fireplaces.

Before construction of any outdoor fireplace plans it is of paramount importance that you consult an experienced mason in case you want to execute the plan yourself. Alternatively you can contract a mason to execute the plan for you as it may prove a challenge constructing a bigger outdoor fireplace. One should also ensure that the safety of people especially children is considered. It is also important that you abide by the existing construction laws especially for bigger outdoor fireplaces.